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Replace Traditional Plaster with URIK Gypsum Plaster
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URIK Gypsum Plaster
Gypsum Plastering Service
Industrial Salt

Why choose URIK Plaster?

URIK Gypsum Plaster is the highest grade of gypsum which is  Pure White in Colour and Hardness of about 40%. Our Gypsum Plaster can be Directly Applied to all hard Surfaces E.g. ACC Blocks, Red Bricks, RCC Walls, and Hollow Bricks etc…

Our Plaster doesn’t need Sand, Cement plaster on the wall. The Coverage is 22Sq feet in a 25Kg bag with a thickness of 12mm. Our Gypsum Plaster is Finesses of >200 Mesh and purity over 95% that gives the best atomic bond and absolute mirror finish.

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